If you end up paying more than what was offered online on E-food Adda or you see a higher price on our menu than the restaurant is offering, we will refund you with the difference along with a E-food Adda exclusive meal voucher.


How Does It Work?
If in case you end up paying more than what was offered online by E-food Adda then simply send us a mail at care@efoodadda.com within 24 hours of placing the order with the following details:

  • Restaurant name
  • Order number
  • Order price at E-food Adda
  • Scan copy of the menu card or simply click a picture (optional)
  • Difference in the price
  • Contact number

E-food Adda will refund* you the difference of the price and will reward you with a voucher as mentioned below -

Discount voucher amount- Rs. 50 For your next order with us because we are sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Discount voucher amount - 1x100 If you send the scan copy or a photograph of the menu because we want you to get some more discounts!


On which order is the E-food Adda Promise applicable?
E-Food Adda Promise is applicable if there is difference in the amount displayed online on efoodadda.com and on the restaurant's menu. E-Food Adda Promise is also applicable if there is a difference between the final bill displayed online and the actual bill. 

What order price is considered for the campaign?
E-food Adda Promises are applicable on the order price at efoodadda.com.

What is the validity of the voucher?
The voucher is valid for 1 month from date of issue. 

How long will the refund process take?
Refunds will be initiated within 1 working day. Receipt of the refund would depend on the mode of payment chosen by you. The expected timelines are as below :

Refund voucher in case of COD orders Within 24 hrs
Online payments Within 7 working days

How long will it take for me to get the discount voucher?
If your claim stands verified at the time of verification, E-food Adda will reward you with a discount voucher within 24 hrs.


  1. Price match is applicable on all the restaurants and Cusines across all the categories on E-food Adda
  2. The claim will be validated within a time frame of 24 hours from the submission of complete claim detail.
  3. If your claim stands verified at the time of verification, E-food Adda will refund you the difference amount in case of online payments. Along with that, E-food Adda will reward you with a discount voucher worth Rs.50 for your next order within 24 hours after validation on that order.
    In case of COD orders if the difference is:
    Upto Rs.50 E-food Adda will offer you a Rs.50 voucher
    Rs.51 - Rs.100 E-food Adda will offer you a Rs.100 voucher
    Claim above Rs.100 E-food Adda will issue you a voucher equal to the difference in amount
    E-food Adda will also reward you with 1 x Rs.100 if you send us the scan copy of the menu.
  4. E-food Adda will send you a confirmation email with the verification status of your claim
  5. Price match with other website orders is not applicable.
  6. Refunds are applicable only on online payments, for COD orders refund of the difference amount will be done in the form of vouchers only.
  7. For claim to be applicable, following conditions need to be fulfilled:
    a. For the price match, the restaurant menu should be with the updated price list. Old menus will not be considered for the price match.
    b. Menu and order must be of the same restaurant, location, quantity, cuisine, size.
    c. The food item must be available on the scan copy of the menu.
    d. Claim is applicable on the printed price mentioned on the scan copy of the menu.
  8. Claim is not applicable in the following scenarios:
    a. E-food Adda Promise does not apply to advertising errors or misprints, special educational prices, rebates, coupons/ vouchers,premiums, free or bonus offers, limited or minimum quantity or limited time offers, close-outs, liquidations,clearances, and financing offers.
    b. Image editing proof will stand disqualified
  9. E-food Adda Promise is not applicable on the price available on other competing websites.
  10. E-food Adda Promise won't be applicable on orders for Domino's restaurants. Please call their customer support number 68886888 for order queries.
  11. E-food Adda is entitled to request all information pertaining to validation of authenticity of your claim
  12. All standard E-food Adda policies apply - including, but not limited to, Return & Refund, etc.
  13. E-food Adda will be the sole judge to decide your refund eligibility and validity of the price match. In case of any dispute, E-food Adda reserves the rights to cancel any price match guarantee at its sole discretion.
  14. The terms & conditions are subject to change without any prior notice.

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